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Through The Gate (TTG)

The service


Through the Gate (TTG) is a voluntary mentoring service offering tailored support to offenders, before and after release, and to ex-offenders already in the community.

The service is for those who want to make positive choices in their lives outside of prison.

Our clients


TTG is designed for anyone who needs support in preparing for release from prison, subject to a full risk assessment, and dependent on our capacity. We focus on:


  • Residents coming up for release who are returning to Sussex

  • Ex-residents already in the Sussex area

  • Residents of HMP Lewes

  • Referrals from beyond Sussex – capacity permitting


Participation in TTG is voluntary.  If clients disengage with our services, it doesn’t prevent them from making another referral in future.  We don’t offer support based on an applicant’s chances of success; anyone can reach out when they need us.

What we offer 


  • TTG is, essentially, a mentoring service delivered by volunteer key workers which encourages self-reliance and capability among clients navigating life after prison. 


The key workers act as the link between prison and the community, and other agencies, and offer: -


  • One-to-one support, inside and outside prison to empower clients to maintain a non-offending lifestyle, based on the Seven Pathways to rehabilitation; 

  • Consistent support tailored to the individual and their circumstances – as a person, not an offender

  • Someone to meet clients at the prison gate on release day if they need it

  • Practical support in setting up community meetings and appointments

  • Signposting to professional community agencies who can address a client’s specific needs

  • An objective, listening ear from a person who empowers clients to make the right choices ​

  • Support on release, through a person centred/professional relationship that clients can trust and rely on

  • A link to a network of Professional agencies that are experts in their field

  • A voice in how they live their lives and access services (advocacy)

How TTG makes a difference….


​To clients


Through the Gate is not a ‘one size fits all’ service – it gives our clients the chance to accept support that meets their core needs, and reduces reoffending by:


  • Providing life skills self-esteem and independence that will enable clients to make different choices

  • Giving them a voice that is heard and listened to

  • Showing them options for life on the outside – and the impact they will make

  • Offering consistent and ongoing support in prison and in the community

To health and wellbeing


​By giving clients improved self-esteem and a sense of capability TTG prevents self-harm as well as reoffending. The benefits to their physical and emotional wellbeing are:


  • Improved self-reliance - knowing where to find help and how to articulate needs

  • Having their support needs met

  • Feeling empowered

  • Support that is structured – and that they can share with peers

  • Positive behaviour replacing negative patterns


To the prison environment


​TTG offers prisons:


  • A sense of hope

  • Support for offenders

  • Increased self-awareness in residents – and understanding of their responsibilities

  • Positive behaviour changes in residents.

To society


​The support TTG offers offenders has a long-lasting effect on society, facilitating:


  • A smoother and more positive transition into the community

  • Longer-term successful Resettlement

  • Reduction in the costs of keeping someone in Prison

  • Safer Communities

If you would like to know more about TTG; make a referral; or discuss how it might work in your prison. Call us on 01273 785335 or fill in our contact form 


We would love to have the capacity to help more prison residents and ex-offenders. Support us now  

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