Through The Gate - TTG

What is this service?


Through The Gate is a voluntary mentoring service offering tailored support for residents pre and post release from prison.  We also accept referrals to work with ex-offenders who are already in the community and would like to be supported in making positive choices.

  • Mentoring service (Volunteer key workers)

  • Looking at the 7 Pathways

  • Being the link between the Prison and Community and other agencies

  • Supporting change and a non-offending lifestyle

  • Encouraging and changing mindsets

  • 1-2-1 support in and out of the prison

  • Tailored support

  • Voluntary engagement

Who is it for?


It is designed for residents approaching release who are returning to Sussex, or who have already been released into the Sussex area.  Anyone who requests support to prepare for release is eligible to work with us, risk assessment and capacity dependent.  We are able to accept external referrals if capacity allows.  Participation in our resettlement support is voluntary.  If clients disengage with our services, this does not prevent them from making another referral in future.  We do not have any rules regarding chances of success; anyone can reach out when they need us.

  • Residents coming up for release

  • For anyone returning to Sussex

  • Lewes Residents

  • External referrals if capacity allows

  • Anyone who requests support to prepare for release, Risk Assessment and capacity dependent


What does it deliver?


Through The Gate delivers 1-2-1 support inside and outside prison to empower clients to maintain a non-offending lifestyle.  Volunteers can meet offenders at the prison gate on release day if required, and offer practical support in facilitating community meetings and appointments.  Volunteers can signpost professional community agencies who can address a client’s specific needs.  Support is tailored and personalised; clients are provided with a listener who empowers them to make the right choices for their needs. Volunteer mentoring encourages self-reliance and capability among clients navigating life after prison.

  • Support upon release

  • Person centred/Professional relationship they can trust and rely on

  • A link to a network of Professional agencies that are experts in their field

  • Practical support

  • Gate meet

  • Advocacy

  • Assess to someone who listens

What do the Prison require?

  • Evidence – we use Lamplight which can create evidence

  • Monthly evaluations

  • Progress reports

  • Outputs –

  • Outcomes



What do they get?

  • Consistency of support

  • Someone to listen to them

  • Boundaried professional relationship

  • Role Model

  • Experienced and Embedded service

  • Signposting

  • 1-2-1 tailored support

  • Compassion

  • Advocacy (a voice)

  • Understanding

  • Options

  • Motivation/Hope

  • Empowerment/Encouragement

What is unique or special about this service?

  • We don’t have a 3-strike rule, or any strike

  • Voluntary attendance, non-statutory

  • Volunteer support

  • A service that goes the extra mile

  • Flexibility of service that can be tailored to the individual needs

  • Continued support on the outside

  • Consistent support from the inside, the gate meets and, in the community

  • Visibility in the Prison of the service, presence on the wings

  • Holistic Approach

What do the Prison require?

  • Evidence – Engagement levels – Residents want the support – Success rates – Reduction in Reoffending/Violent/Self-harming

  • Outcomes – Track engagement with other agencies – Comparison with past/present behaviours – Employment/Housing/Addiction





How does this project change lives/Behaviour

  • Being able to address core needs

  • Being given the chance to accept support

  • Learning life skills and acquiring self-esteem and Independence

  • Advocacy/1-2-1 support

  • Enabling empowerment

  • Looking at life choices

Does/can it reduce Reoffending?

  • Yes

  • By giving the tools/knowledge/skills to enable Residents to make different choices

  • Giving a holistic service from inside, gate meets, in the community, group work, making action plans

  • Continued support

  • Access to Professional services

Does/can it reduce self-harm?

  • Yes

  • Improved self-esteem and sense of capability

  • Self-reliance and knowing where to find help and articulate needs

  • Having support needs met

  • Empowering the Resident

  • Structured support

  • Peer support

  • Positive behaviour changes

Does/can it improve Society?

  • Smoother and more positive transition into the community

  • Investment in longer-term successful Resettlement

  • Reduction in costs for keeping someone in Prison

  • Safer Communities

What does it contribute to the Prison?

  • Sense of Hope

  • Peer Support

  • Self-awareness

  • Positive behaviour changes

What do the prison Require?

  • Evidence – Reoffending rates – Longer periods in the community after release – clearer evaluations – Feedback – Case studies – Surveys

  • Outcomes - Engagement Levels - Engagement with other agencies–– Behaviour comparisons– Less self -harming–– less violent





  • Lamplight produces stats on – the 7 Pathways for each Resident

  • Monthly Evaluations

  • Number of Residents as open cases

  • Number of planned and unplanned disengagements

  • Monitoring recalls/re-convictions

  • Cases being re=opened

  • Length of time in community after released

  • Referrals to other agencies

Case Studies

  • We collect good news stories

  • Case studies

  • Feedback from staff/volunteers


  • Initial Assessment

  • Referrals

  • Report after each contact with Resident

  • Agency contacts

  • Planned disengagements via closing reports/Feedback from Residents

  • Positive engagements

Performance Indicators


  • Monthly evaluations

  • Number of Engagements with Residents

  • Numbers of open/closed cases


  • More Service User Feedback

  • New ways of extracting meaningful data – Case studies/Volunteers doing a closing report/story of the work completed

  • Record referrals into RJ

  • Quantitative detail ie: Attending clubs/outreach homeless work

  • Add a section to the Newsletter

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