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The Seven Pathways

We believe in second chances, and we know that breaking the cycle of offending behaviour can be challenging.

At the heart of our approach are the government's seven pathways to reduce reoffending. These pathways are the result of extensive research conducted by the government's Social Inclusion Unit. The research aimed to understand the underlying reasons why individuals often return to a life of offending after being released from prison.

Our team of staff and volunteers takes a personalised approach that addresses the specific needs and challenges of each person we work with. We focus on the seven pathways which are: 

  • Accommodation

  • Attitudes, thinking and behaviour

  • Children and family

  • Drugs and alcohol

  • Education, training and employment

  • Finance, benefit and debt

  • Health


We help individuals secure safe, affordable housing, identify negative behaviour patterns, rebuild relationships with family and friends, and pursue education or employment opportunities. By addressing the root causes of offending behaviour, we believe that anyone can overcome the challenges they face and create a brighter future for themselves and their communities. 

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