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Sussex Pathway CEO's 2022 Recap

We’ve had a lot of transitions in 2022! And throughout all these changes, our trustees, staff, and volunteers have continued their hard work and shown their commitment to our extremely impactful charity, where our resources are always far outweighed by the demand for our services.

New trustees have joined us this year, and once again, we’d like to warmly welcome these new additions to our board and look forward to working with them for many years to come.

After working outside the prison for two years due to Covid restrictions, our Pathways to Change & Through the Gate (PTC & TTG) projects are back in prison. It’s been an adjustment for our team, but they have always managed the change with professionalism and poise.

Together with HMP Lewes, we have been working to ensure that our services are available to all prison residents. Challenges have presented themselves while the prison gets back to pre-Covid routines and manages the unprecedented disruption caused by the pandemic, but the hard work and collaboration by all is a testament to everyone’s dedication to their job.

A huge thank you to Vicky, Nigel, and our volunteers for their patience and persistent effort while engaging with our clients in the prison and outside.

Nigel has done wonders getting the groups up and running in the prison. He has completed the facilitation of three courses and has presented certificates to the participants upon completion of each course. The biggest well done to Nigel and his helpers for developing the groups and working effectively with prison staff to ensure the ongoing availability of a room so that the groups can run weekly.

The Personal Wellbeing project has gone from strength to strength this year, with Vicky overseeing it, and Brandon and Neal delivering it on the ground. This team’s combined efforts have created a successful project with Forward Trust, and they continue to produce amazing results with each new client.

Restorative Justice (RJ) has seen positive changes this year within the partnership. A big thank you to Susie and Rosanna for establishing RJ back in the prison and for their ongoing engagement with our partners. Our team has co-facilitated emotive conferences this year and the results are clear: RJ is a powerful contribution to repairing harm. The new year brings more changes for Sussex Pathways within the partnership, and we’re excited about these challenges and improvements to our service.

Lucy has not only come back from maternity leave this year but has taken on the demands of setting up the new Pathways to Change for Women (PTCW) project. Lucy has embraced this

inspirational project from the get-go. She has forged relationships with agencies that work with women and in the few short months since the project's inception, we’ve seen the benefits to the women we serve.

We are proud of our Sussex Pathways training programmes, which include a 3-day mentoring

course, a 4-day RJ foundation course, a 2-day Sensitive and Complex Cases course, and 2-day Sexual Abuse and Domestic Abuse course. Along with online courses in GDPR, Safeguarding, and Corruption, on, Conditioning & Manipulation.

All staff are involved in training and this year we saw Nigel, Rosanna and Susie achieve their Level 3 in Education and Training, which was challenging and hard work, a huge well done and thank you, everyone, for your input into the training.

Communications and Partnership Officer is a new role that we created this year. Rose was the successful candidate and having started from scratch is doing a brilliant job. Rose creates our monthly newsletter every month and is busy building contacts to raise awareness of Sussex Pathways and the work we do.

Thank you Rose for all your hard work; we're already seeing fantastic results!

Karren’s role includes administrative work for all our projects, and finance including HMRC duties and payroll. Due to her extensive and comprehensive role within Sussex Pathways, Karren‘s title is now Human Resources Officer. She is doing training around this role, which she can accommodate as she now has support from Rose. I know that everyone in Sussex Pathways, partner agencies, and contractors, along with myself would like to say a huge thank you to Karren for keeping everything running smoothly.

Sussex Pathways has gone from strength to strength this year, but we could not do this without our funders. We send huge appreciation for their continued support, which allows us to provide our services.

I personally want to thank everyone we work with for their continued effort, commitment and support.

Our trustees, staff, volunteers, partner agencies, and funders help make a difference in people’s lives and help create safer communities.

Thank you and wishing you all a happy 2023!

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