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Calling All Runners and Sponsors!

Updated: Jul 12, 2022

Sussex Pathways and its friends are planning to run the 10k on April 18th 2021 in Brighton.

We want to to raise money for Brighton Homeless charity Knight Support, and for the Sussex Pathways hardship fund which provides small but vital help to the folk we work with, especially at the critical point of release from prison.

The inspiration for our participation in this event came from one of our service users Haydn. He wanted to run to raise money himself to directly help the street homeless in Brighton. Sadly Haydn died before he was able to fulfil this wish.

If you or your friends/ relatives would like to run, please register at, and email to let us know that you have entered.

If you aspire to run the full marathon, there is a waiting list at as the 2020 event did not take place so many people have their entries carried over.

If you want to run a half-marathon (or if 18th April is not convenient for you), there is a quite separate event which some of our folk plan to join on 28th Feb 2021 at Again, let us know if you have entered that.

Our fundraising page on Virgin Money can be found here. Please follow the "Start Fundraising" button to set up your own fund raising efforts so you can ask your friends, family, neighbours, colleagues etc etc to sponsor you.

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