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Why Volunteer?

We are passionate about all things related to volunteering at Sussex Pathways.  We know the work we ask of volunteers can sometimes be demanding, challenging and frequently frustrating but we also know how rewarding it can be to walk along side someone who wants to turn their life around and the privilege we experience in being a part of that journey.

Because we know this and we value the help given to people involved in the criminal justice system by our volunteers, we ensure that as a volunteer you will be properly trained, supported through regular supervision, ongoing personal development, your ‘out of pocket’ expenses reimbursed regularly and promptly and have the opportunity to learn from more knowledgeable volunteers as well as share your experience through our monthly Volunteer Support Network meetings.

Benefits of volunteering

• Professional trainingVolunteering mentoring sussex
• Gain communications skills
• Being empowered to help others
• Improved employment opportunities
• Meet new people
• Gain skills and knowledge in health and well being services
• Networking
• Work experience
• An understanding of other people’s life experience
• A working knowledge of the criminal justice system
• An opportunity to ‘give something back’
• An opportunity to advance your personal development
• An opportunity to take on new challenges
• Motivation and a sense of achievement
• Being a part of something that is driving change


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